Single Family Home Management

In the realm of property management, single family home management is unique. Often, managing a single family home comes with nuances quite different than managing an apartment building or commercial property. With this type of property management, managers must take into consideration any HOA regulations when maintaining the property as well as consider that a single family home may be larger and more complex than a one-bedroom apartment and repairs can be more extensive. At ALG Property Management in San Antonio, we offer affordable single family home property management that eliminates the guesswork for property owners.

Special Considerations for Single Family Home Property Management

Professional property management is often the best option for property owners who want to turn their homes into rental properties. Some of the responsibilities of a property manager when it comes to single family home management are:

Listing – your property manager will list and advertise your single family home on your behalf. At ALG Property Management, we are well-versed in the San Antonio neighborhoods and communities and know how to attract the ideal tenants.
Rental Payments and Tenant Relations – your property manager handles every aspect of tenant relationships, from collecting timely rental payments to addressing maintenance requests.
Single family home maintenance – single family homes can require more extensive repairs than other rental properties, based on sheer size alone. Often, when there is a repair to be made, it is possible that entire systems need to be addressed. For example, if water damage is found behind a wall, then ductwork may need sealing, or your plumbing may need updating. At ALG Property Management, we work with qualified, reputable contractors at affordable prices, saving you money on your rental property repairs.
HOA Regulations – many single family homes are part of a homeowners association (HOA.) Property managers must be diligent and ensure that all work done on the property is compliant with HOA regulations, including landscaping and home exterior maintenance.

Why ALG Property Management for Your Single Family Home

A single family home is an investment; at ALG Property Management, we are committed to helping protect that investment by providing top quality property management so that your property is maintained and kept in top working order. We pride ourselves on keeping our services affordable, and we leverage our relationships with our vendors to ensure timely, efficient, and complete repair and remodel work.

Construction and Remodel of Single Family Homes

In addition to our property management services, we offer complete project management for the construction and remodel of single family homes and other properties. If you have recently purchased an investment property, our team can oversee every aspect of the construction of your new property.

Get Started With Us

Alleviate the stress involved with renting out your single family home – entrust ALG Property Management with your property management needs. Contact us today to find out why when it comes to single family home property management, San Antonio chooses ALG Property Management.

I was trying to sell my house and wasn’t able to sell it. I had to relocate, so I turned my property over to ALG and they have never disappointed. Their communication has made my inability to be present, a non-issue.

Lupe M.Owner

ALG found the PERFECT home that fit my needs!!! They really listened to me and took care of me and my family!

Arnold F.Tenant

It’s the little things. I used other company’s and they were always nickel and diming me. ALG’s cost’s are up front, and there were no surprises.

Stephen K.Owner

Paying rent has never been so easy! I travel a lot and ALG’s user friendly Tenant portal allows me to take care of paying rent, even when I’m gone!

Terry C.Tenant

I was skeptical to let go of managing my properties. I’m very detailed about managing my properties. ALG manages the properties as if they were their own and their reporting is incredible.

Anthony J.Owner

The water heated flooded the home I was renting. I called ALG’s 24hr emergency service line and was blown away by their promptness and handling of the whole situation.

Ruben L.Tenant