Top 5 Summer Preventative Maintenance Tips

Summer is nearly upon us and there has never been a time when people are more anxious to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that Texas has to offer. It is the ideal time for residential property management companies to prepare for residents to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe environment.

5 Summer Preventative Maintenance Tips

The following summer preventative maintenance tips will properly prepare your property for summer months.

  1. Pool Safety
    For kids and adults alike, summertime often means pool time, spending hours lounging in the sun or swimming in your property’s pool. Local permits need to be updated in order to be opened for the summer. Fencing around the pool must follow local laws to keep children from gaining access to the water during off-hours. Safety rules should be clearly posted in the pool area.
  2. Fire Safety
    As the temperatures rise and the air becomes drier, home and condominium property management services focus on increased fire dangers throughout the property. Removing dead plants and trimming the bushes and trees around the property will help to reduce the amount of potentially flammable materials. Grills need to be properly ventilated and set up away from any buildings or structures, and working fire extinguishers are placed according to local regulations for apartment and single-family home property management companies.
  3. Service Cooling Systems
    The HVAC systems on your property work hard throughout the year. An essential part of good property management in San Antonio, Texas is to make sure cooling systems are properly maintained and repaired heading into the summer months, when they will be working at maximum capacity for days at a time. Filters, coils, dampers, and other components of the cooling system should be inspected by an HVAC professional to make sure all units and components are ready for summer.
  4. Prepare Outdoor Common Areas
    The summer months are typically a time for residents, family, and friends to socialize in the common areas of the property. Apartment and condominium property management services work to ensure the safety of everyone on the property. Inspect all outdoor common area furniture, barbeque pits, lawns, and playgrounds to make sure everything is clean, safe, and ready for visitors.
  5. Roof, Gutter Inspection
    Small issues with the roofs and gutters on your property that are left unattended can turn into major, costly problems in no time. Residential property management companies often take advantage of the warmer weather to have all roofs and gutters inspected and repaired. Replace missing or damaged roof shingles or tiles. Make sure the seals are tight and secure around skylights and items on the roof.

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