Tips for Handling Neighbor Disputes

Some people simply cannot seem to find a way to get along. History is littered with neighbor disputes that have led to wars or simply years of miserable animosity. If you live in a community that provides residential property management services, you may be living in close quarters with your neighbors, some of whom display annoying or intrusive behavior.

6 Residential Property Management Tips for Handling Neighbor Disputes

  1. Determine the Extent of the Problem
    When dealing with a dispute between neighbors it is always a good idea to step back and assess the problems to determine just how bad the situation is. If there is a neighbor who is an occasional harmless bother or annoyance, it might be best for all concerned to let it go and look at it as part of the territory when living around others. If minor annoyances turn into major inferences in your life, then it could be time to take action.
  2. Log All Related Behavior and Activities
    If a log can be kept to document incidents of bothersome behavior, you may be able to show the offending party activity they are not aware is an issue. They may not realize how often they play loud music or that they have friends who are leaving behind garbage. Keeping track of all communications between the disputing parties will put perspective and context to the dispute in the resolution process.
  3. Know, Follow the Rules
    An effective residential property management company will have clearly defined rules and guidelines for tenant behavior that affects neighbors. Leases and rental contracts may include regulations that pertain to the dispute at hand, such as noise curfews and the upkeep of exteriors. A clear violation of property management companies San Antonio TX rely on will be easier for you to make more of an air-tight case if you need to.
  4. Communication is Key
    As discussed earlier, the neighbor may not even be aware that they are going against property rules or that their behavior is bothering you. A calm, polite approach is always best and people will most often respond in kind, dissolving the dispute before it becomes a major problem that requires getting the property management San Antonio trusts to get involved. If you come at them from an accusatory or aggressive stance, they will automatically be put in a defensive position and feel the need to push back even if they realize they are in the wrong. Be nice, yet direct and clear about what the issue is.
  5. Be Ready with Compromises
    Come into the situation with compromises at the ready to help find a resolution all parties can be comfortable with. If a neighbor’s smoke is getting into your space, be prepared to offer alternative locations for them to smoke. If you offer up a compromise from the start it will show the neighbor that you mean no ill will and that you are willing to find a solution that is best for both of you.

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Top 5 Summer Preventative Maintenance Tips

Summer is nearly upon us and there has never been a time when people are more anxious to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that Texas has to offer. It is the ideal time for residential property management companies to prepare for residents to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe environment.

5 Summer Preventative Maintenance Tips

The following summer preventative maintenance tips will properly prepare your property for summer months.

  1. Pool Safety
    For kids and adults alike, summertime often means pool time, spending hours lounging in the sun or swimming in your property’s pool. Local permits need to be updated in order to be opened for the summer. Fencing around the pool must follow local laws to keep children from gaining access to the water during off-hours. Safety rules should be clearly posted in the pool area.
  2. Fire Safety
    As the temperatures rise and the air becomes drier, home and condominium property management services focus on increased fire dangers throughout the property. Removing dead plants and trimming the bushes and trees around the property will help to reduce the amount of potentially flammable materials. Grills need to be properly ventilated and set up away from any buildings or structures, and working fire extinguishers are placed according to local regulations for apartment and single-family home property management companies.
  3. Service Cooling Systems
    The HVAC systems on your property work hard throughout the year. An essential part of good property management in San Antonio, Texas is to make sure cooling systems are properly maintained and repaired heading into the summer months, when they will be working at maximum capacity for days at a time. Filters, coils, dampers, and other components of the cooling system should be inspected by an HVAC professional to make sure all units and components are ready for summer.
  4. Prepare Outdoor Common Areas
    The summer months are typically a time for residents, family, and friends to socialize in the common areas of the property. Apartment and condominium property management services work to ensure the safety of everyone on the property. Inspect all outdoor common area furniture, barbeque pits, lawns, and playgrounds to make sure everything is clean, safe, and ready for visitors.
  5. Roof, Gutter Inspection
    Small issues with the roofs and gutters on your property that are left unattended can turn into major, costly problems in no time. Residential property management companies often take advantage of the warmer weather to have all roofs and gutters inspected and repaired. Replace missing or damaged roof shingles or tiles. Make sure the seals are tight and secure around skylights and items on the roof.

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Top Date Night Spots in Boerne

Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, you don’t need to wait a whole year to take that special person out on the town to celebrate your relationship! The Boerne area is ripe with hot date night spots and ideas regularly recommended by property management companies San Antonio TX trust.

Boerne is close enough to the city life packed with commercial property San Antonio uses to relax and wind down, with just enough distance to feel like you are getting away from it all.

Boerne Restaurants Recommended by Property Management Companies San Antonio TX Relies On

The dining options in Boerne range from casual to formal to offbeat. You can find restaurants recommended by residential property management companies in the area featuring cuisines from around the world and delicious local delicacies. Any one of these fine dining establishments can serve as the cornerstone of your next night out on the town with your sweetheart.

Peggy’s on the Green

This Southern-themed casual spot sits within the historic Ye Kendall Inn, a former stagecoach stop that has been servicing the Boerne area since 1859. Mark Bohanan, the chef, and owner of Bohanan’s, a famous San Antonio steak house, offers unique dining options like cornflour dusted soft shell crabs and andouille shrimp and grits. You will want to take the time to look around the 19th-century resort before or after your meal.

The Creek Restaurant

Located just off the Main Street Bridge, this romantic spot along the Cibolo offers fine dining from their gorgeous deck area outside or inside a spectacular landmark building. The Creek Restaurant features a diverse menu with everything from steaks to seafood and a decadent dessert menu.

Cypress Grille

In the middle of the incredibly rich historic district, and what residential property management services use as a selling point, sits Cypress Grille – a simply casual restaurant and wine bar. Menu items feature the Chile spiced pork shank and a tasty Texas cobb salad with grilled Gulf shrimp.

Valeria Ristorante Italiano

This classic Italian-style restaurant uses its ingredients from their own farm just outside Boerne, as well as other local farmers with a passion for conscious eating. Diners come from miles around to enjoy unique flavors and cuisines, and a large selection of old and new world wines.

Adventure, Relaxation, and More

Whether you are adventurous or are just in the mood to relax with a slow walk through the woods, the area is ripe with options property management San Antonio trusts regularly recommend to their tenants.

Look to the Stars

The people of Boerne take their star-gazing very seriously and with good reason. Outdoor lighting ordinances are enforced to maximize the incredible nightly show Mother Nature puts on. Grab a blanket, find a hill, snuggle together, and enjoy the wonder of the universe together.

Cibolo Nature Center

Miles of trails and unending romantic spots to hunker down for a picnic makes the Cibolo Nature Center the ideal date spot.

Giddy Up!

There is no better way to view the spectacular hill country of central Texas than atop of a horse while winding through breathtaking trails.

Boerne is an Ideal Date Night Spot

For more information on all Boerne has to offer, including residential and commercial properties, contact ALG Property Management, the best of the property management companies San Antonio TX has to offer.