Tenant FAQ’s

Q: How do I lease a property through ALG Property Management?

We first identify a property that meets your needs and fits within your budget. You will then submit an application ($60 non-refundable application processing fee per adult) along with an application deposit ($250 credited to your security deposit upon approval).

Q: My application has been approved. Now what happens?

You will be contacted by one of our property managers. You will then have one business day to bring in a cashier’s check for at least the amount of the security deposit and sign a deposit receipt to hold the property. If the property is ready to rent, you can also pay the first month’s rent  and take possession upon proof of transfer of utilities.

Q: Who signs the rental/lease agreement?

All adults must sign the rental/lease agreement prior to receiving the keys. This includes all persons intending to reside at the property who are eighteen years or older, no matter what relationships are involved.

Keys will be issued as soon as the rental agreement is signed by all adults and all funds are paid including the entire security deposit, proof of utilities switched to your name, and a full month’s rent.

Q: How do you document the condition of the property?

ALG Property Management uses a third-party reporting company to thoroughly review the property and document the condition prior to move-in and upon move-out. This gives the owner and tenant a non-biased status of the property.

Q: Once I move in, when are my rental payments due and how do I pay the rent each month?

Your rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late if paid after the 3rd of the month. If the 3rd falls on a weekend or holiday, your rent will be considered late if it is paid after the next business day. For example, if the 3rd falls on a Saturday, your rent will be late if not received before Tuesday, the 6th. However, if the 3rd falls on a Friday, your rent would be late if the rent is not received by 11:59 PM on Friday.

The best method of making rent payments is signing up to pay rent via our website. You can also pay your rent via mail by sending your check, cashier’s check, or money order to ALG Property Management,17503 La Cantera Parkway,  Ste. 104-482, San Antonio, Texas 78257. Be sure the address of the property you are renting appears on your check. You can also bring your rent to our office.

Q: If I cannot pay the rent of time, what should I do?

Your first efforts should be to figure out a way to pay your rent on time using whatever resources you have. You might borrow the funds from friends, family, your bank, or a short-term loan facility.  Please bear in mind that ALGPM has no authority to allow you to pay late. Our client has chosen us to manage his or her property, which includes enforcing the rental/lease agreement. We will be forced to take steps to protect our client in the event the rent is late.  You can expect that our office will be contacting you promptly after that date. This may include the service of a 3-day notice to pay rent or vacate the premises. If the rent is paid late, you will incur late fees and service charges when a notice is served to your door. In addition, you will become liable for all legal costs if an attorney is hired to begin eviction proceedings.

Q: Can I make repairs and deduct the cost from my rent?

We do not allow residents to perform repairs at the property they rent. You must contact us to request repairs; we will respond as quickly as possible.

Q: What do I do if I have to move before my lease is up?

If you must break your lease, you should contact your property manager both in writing (letter or email) and via telephone as soon as possible. Although you are responsible for your entire lease, we can go to work to find a replacement resident as soon as we receive your written notification. Once we are able to secure a replacement resident and start his or her rent, you can be released from your obligation. You may be responsible for advertising expenses and leasing fees as well as rent until the replacement resident’s rent begins.

Q: What happens after my lease expires?

If you choose to stay at the property and a new lease is not signed, your agreement will continue on a month-to month basis. If you decide to move at the end of your lease, you must send us a thirty-day notice to vacate at least thirty days prior to the expiration of the lease. Do not move out of your property without a written notice as you will be responsible for rent for thirty days following the vacate date.

Q: How much security deposit is required for the rental?

We require 90% of one month’s rent for a security deposit. In certain circumstances it could be more. This is only done with the owner’s approval after consultation with ALGPM. There is a $100 fee for final inspection and $100 fee for cleaning. This is to be added to security deposit. 

Q: Can I be charged for maintenance at the property?

Yes, if resident damage or neglect causes a maintenance problem, you will be charged for it. Also, you can be billed for a service call if you miss an appointment with a maintenance contractor.  Additionally, according to your TAR Lease.

Q: Can the management or management representatives, such as repair and/or maintenance people, enter my home when I am not at home?

There are a number of reasons why property managers or maintenance staff may need to enter your home, which could be inconvenient for you if you always had to be home and available when these circumstances arise. According to the TAR Lease Agreement, the property manager or anyone authorized by the manager will attempt to contact you first but may enter the property at reasonable times without notice to make repairs or to show the property to prospective tenants or buyers, inspectors, fire marshals, lenders, appraisers, or insurance agents.

Additionally, the property manager or anyone authorized by the property manager may peacefully enter the property at reasonable times without first attempting to contact you and without notice to:

  • survey or review the property’s condition and take photographs to document the condition
  • make emergency repairs
  • exercise a contractual or statutory lien
  • leave written notices
  • seize nonexempt property if you are in default.

Q: How long can my guests stay?

According to your lease, your guests can stay for three days. If you wish to have a guest or guest stay for longer than three days, you must have approval from the office.

Q: When do I get my security deposit back?

ALGPM normally mails the deposit to the forwarding address you leave at our office, less any charges incurred, within thirty days of the last day you occupied the property.

Q: Do you require an application fee?

Yes. Each adult who intends to live in the rental property must complete and submit a rental application. The cost for processing the application is $60 per adult.

Q: How is a lease terminated?

At the end of the lease, or beyond, you may usually terminate the lease by giving ALGPM a thirty-day advance written notice to vacate prior to moving.

Q: Can I sub-lease the property?

No. The lease agreement clearly states that the resident shall not sublet any portion of the property without written consent from ALGPM.

Q: Can the property manager force me to move during my lease?

No. The property manager cannot evict you from the home unless you breach the lease agreement that you sign. Even if the owner needs to move back into the property, or sell the property to a buyer, your lease will be honored through the expiration date.

Q: Do you accept pets?

Policies on pets vary according to the property owner. Please refer to the rental advertisement to determine if pets are allowed.

Q: Can I get a pet after I move into the property?

Not usually. For more information, please refer to your rental agreement or contact your property manager. Having a pet may involve additional fees.

Q: How do I report a maintenance problem?

To report maintenance issues during regular business hours, you may call ALGPM at 210-999-9430, or simply complete a maintenance request at our website. If you require emergency service, please call our 24-hour emergency response system at 210-999-9430 and listen for instructions to report a maintenance emergency. For fire, gas or natural disasters, dial 911 before calling us!

Q: What is considered an emergency?

Examples of emergencies are active water leaks, flooding, sewer backups, sparks from appliances, gas odors, and fire.

Q: Should I purchase my own policy of renters’ insurance?

Yes, it is highly recommended that all residents carry enough insurance to cover themselves and their personal property. Please consult with your insurance agent for specific details.

Q: What is the move-out procedure to get back my security deposit?

If you are terminating the tenancy, you must give ALGPM at least a thirty-day advance notice to vacate in writing, unless a different notice period was agreed to in the Lease or Rental Agreement (please refer to your Lease or Rental Agreement). Failure to give a thirty-day notice prior to vacating the premises will result in the loss of your security deposit. Please contact ALGPM a few days prior to vacating the premises to schedule a walk-through appointment. On the date of the walk-through, the premises should be completely vacated, clean, and ready for occupancy with no personal property remaining at the premises. You may also contact ALGPM to request an initial inspection of the premises before you vacate, which you may attend. The purpose of this inspection is to allow you an opportunity to remedy identified deficiencies in order to avoid deductions from the security deposit. Deductions are normally for rent that is due, necessary cleaning of the premises, and damages above normal wear and tear. Rent is usually charged up to the date that you deliver possession of the premises to our office. This is usually the walk-through date.

I was trying to sell my house and wasn’t able to sell it. I had to relocate, so I turned my property over to ALG and they have never disappointed. Their communication has made my inability to be present, a non-issue.

Lupe M.Owner

ALG found the PERFECT home that fit my needs!!! They really listened to me and took care of me and my family!

Arnold F.Tenant

It’s the little things. I used other company’s and they were always nickel and diming me. ALG’s cost’s are up front, and there were no surprises.

Stephen K.Owner

Paying rent has never been so easy! I travel a lot and ALG’s user friendly Tenant portal allows me to take care of paying rent, even when I’m gone!

Terry C.Tenant

I was skeptical to let go of managing my properties. I’m very detailed about managing my properties. ALG manages the properties as if they were their own and their reporting is incredible.

Anthony J.Owner

The water heated flooded the home I was renting. I called ALG’s 24hr emergency service line and was blown away by their promptness and handling of the whole situation.

Ruben L.Tenant